Scott Gardner

Luxury Home Specialist

Pete Knows Real Estate - Middleton Team


About Scott Gardner

Our vision is to establish ourselves as San Diego's premier real estate firm. To achieve this, our strategic plan has three key components:

1) Customer focus: Build a strong, disruptive brand to earn trust and win the hearts of home sellers and buyers.
- We are a source of knowledge. We stay ahead of trends and forecasts and share insight with our clients so they get the best value possible. We are data-driven, and make informed decisions based on what will yield the best results.

- We are sympathetic and understand our clients' frustrations, pain points, and concerns. We understand what our clients are going through. We will do everything possible to make our clients' home selling or buying experience as painless as possible.

2) Passion and dedication: Backed by sales and data.

- We are our clients' real estate partner. If they are successful, we are successful. We are transparent in our strategies and pride ourselves on being a reliable source for our clients. We are real estate specialists that our clients can return to for years to come.

3) On the forefront of technology: The market is ever-changing, and we welcome technology. From video to podcasts to social media and much more—we are always thinking of ways to get a home in front of a buyer.

- We are leaders in innovation. We use the latest in technological advances to stay top-of-mind with our clients and the community. We believe technology is the future, and we welcome anything that makes our clients' experience easier, faster, and more informative.

We believe our strategic plan will create an exceptional home buying or selling experience for our clients. We strive to nurture a relationship with our clients where they will want to return to us for years to come.